November 2016

Sibling photos will be available to purchase as part of the Online Ordering. 



Families will simply need to pre-register for their children to be photographed together. A separate Shoot Key will be issued for families to go Online to view and purchase these photographs.

Digitally download your portrait photos



High resolution portrait images will be available for parents to download and share, print or create personalised formats of their child.  Digital Download only will be $15.00 or if parents purchase a pack of photos they will be able to purchase the digital download for ONLY $5.00 



July 2013

Press Release: Changing face of the modern school photo



January 2013

A Year’s Reflection

The exciting Year’s Reflection Photo Book is designed to be a student’s personal record of their school year and to showcase your school to the wider community. Student’s are given the opportunity to record their key thoughts and to interact with their friends making it a book that can be treasured for many years to come.

A Year’s Reflection Photo Book is available as part of the NEW Ultimate Pack for Primary Schools.

Make sure you check out our example - A Years Reflection.pdf