Pre-School Photos (Individual & Sibling)


It is a easy as A, B, C to have your photos taken by PhotoLife

A.   A flyer is sent home explaining to Parents/Guardians our NEW proof payment system photo packs.

B.   We will contact you for your preschool's database. If your preschool doesn't have one, naming sheets will be filled out by our photographers on photo day.

C.   You can choose the background you prefer for your Photography session.





Contemporary White   or   traditional blue

D.   The photographers come and take the photos.

      - All children with permission will be photographed individually and/or in a group photo.

E.   A payment envelope with a proof of their photo attached arrives at your preschool to be sent home for Parents/Guardians to decide which photo they wish to purchase.

F. Parents/Guardians complete the payment envelope and return it to preschool before the deadline.

How can PhotoLife help your preschool?

 Your preschool receives 10% commission of sale on all photographs.

 All staff members receive a complimentary copy of their Group photograph.

 Complimentary staff portrait photographs if required.

 Yearly programme planners and desk pads.